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Images of Ladakh

Ladakh, the mountainous region in the North of India, is one of the most incredible places in the World, and we have run tours there a number of times. The scenery is spectacular and the culture is entrancing. The predominanet religion is Tibetan Buddhism and even the smallest village sees to have a Buddhist Monastery, often dominated by a giant Buddha image. In the early morning, monks chant prayers before dawn in the main prayer hall, under the heady aroma of yak butter lamps. Travel in Ladakh is not easy, but it is intensely rewarding, and somethign that you will remember for ever.

This is an extended gallery of images to promote our forthcoming Impressions of Ladakh trip in July 2022. This will be our fifth tour of the region, and true to form will tread new ground - visiting a Polo Festival and the remote Nubra and Zanskar Valleys. You can the tour pages work here.